Scrubba Wash Bag


Scrubba Wash Bag

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What may look like a routine dry bag is actually your ticket to being welcomed back to the campfire. Now re-designed, the wash bag has a molded grip to aid scrubbing, a flexible internal washboard, and instructions for use printed on the front. Fold it up and pack it along to revive your travel, trekking, or hiking clothes.

  • To wash: Add water, soap, and clothes (20-40% volume). Roll down the top 4-5 times and clip the ends. Open and squeeze the purge valve to expel air. Scrub your clothes against the internal washboard (30 seconds, 3 minutes, whatever you need.)
  • To rinse: Unroll the bag, drain the water and rinse clothes with fresh water in the bag, or under a running tap or shower.
  • Rinse, invert and dry the bag after each use (otherwise the internal waterproof layer will be compromised).
  • To prevent damage to the coatings, avoid exposure to heat (50°C) or direct sunlight.
  • Wrap clothes to cover zips, buckles or other hard features that could damage the internal coating.

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Weight 142g
Ideal for
  • Travel
  • Camping and hiking
Made in China