Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener



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Razor sharp edges at the push of a button. The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener takes dull edges back to gleaming sharpness in just a few minutes. Using a flexible abrasive belt system, this motorized sharpener is a scaled-down version of the belt grinders used by professional knife makers. Pre-set angle guides take the precision of matching the angle, the hardest part of freehand sharpening, out of the equation.

  • 3 included belts turn chipped dull edges into hair-popping razors.
  • Produces a sharp and durable convex grind.
  • Intuitive design is easy to use, giving you the same result every time.
  • Multiple angle guides are pre-set for use with kitchen knives, outdoor knives and even scissors.
  • Rotatable tool head and removeable guides allow grinder-like use, perfect for sharpening axes, tools and pruning shears.
  • Flexible belts conform to the edge’s shape, even sharpening recurved edges.
  • Includes: Original Knife & Tool Sharpener; 2 coarse (80 grit), 2 medium (220 grit), 2 ultra-fine (6,000 grit) belts; 40° kitchen knife guide; 50° outdoor knife guide and instructions.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Camping and hiking
Abrasive level
  • Extra coarse
  • Medium
  • Extra fine
Dimensions 23 x 13cm
Made in USA