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    About Bula

    Bula is in the business of making hats that keep your cranium cozy. From sunny bucket hats to toasty kids’ beanies and tubes, Bula’s protective styles and fun, exciting patterns will keep you feeling warm and looking cool. Here, you can learn more about Bula and how to make the most of your handy new headwear.

    Bula’s beginnings

    Bula was established in 1983 by self-professed ski bums Greg Bardin and John Goldsberry from Durango, Colorado. In the wake of a ski racing competition in New Zealand, the duo decided to travel to Fiji after they tried to continue skiing in Australia but failed on account of all the snow melting. Bula (named after the Fijian language word for “hello”) has been making active clothes, hats and accessories ever since, encouraging adventurous folks to suit up and chase the good life.

    Enjoy the ride

    Now that you’re up to speed on what Bula has to offer, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of gearing up. Look through our sun safety tips for pointers on staying safe in the heat (because while bucket hats are cool, sunscreen’s always a good idea). And for the chillier months, our guide to layering for outdoor activities should have you covered — both literally and figuratively.