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Known for a passion that fuels the never-ending drive to innovate and produce iconic bicycles that make your ride better.

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About Cannondale

Cannondale is a respected cycling brand that is well-known for their creativity, innovation, and performance. Joe Montgomery founded Cannondale in 1971, originally only producing camping gear and bike trailers. Then in the 1980s Cannondale decided to shift their focus and start to develop bikes.

Cannondale has always been about breaking the rules and going against the norm. They are responsible for several key advancements in the cycling industry such as:

  • Aluminum frames
  • One-Sided Lefty Forks
  • Hollowgram cranksets

Cannondale has incorporated all their advancements into their wide range of bikes including:

If you’re craving a top-notch lightweight ride with mind- blowing technological advancements look no further than a Cannondale bike. If you are not sure what bike is best for you head over or call your local MEC store.

Cannondale and the environment

Cannondale is at it again, shaking things up. This time, they're taking on packaging. They've gone green and are all about using 100% recyclable materials for shipping their bikes. After you unbox your ride, you can toss the packaging in the recycling. Plus, the bikes now come pre-assembled, which means less time fumbling with building and less plastic wrapping cluttering up the box.