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Mountain biking gear checklist

Want to know what to bring mountain biking? Use this trail checklist to tick off the basics for a few hours of riding. If you’re going for a longer rip, pad your kit with extra items to cover minor fixes farther from the trailhead.

Use common sense – for remote areas (or any trails where hike-a-biking out would be more painful than usual), start with the 10 essentials checklist and build your mountain bike kit from there.

Mountain bike gear essentials

Repair kit items for every ride

Additional repair items for longer rides

  • Shock pump
  • Chain tool (if it’s not on a multi-tool)
  • Master chain link, like a PowerLink or Quick Link
  • Zip ties
  • Duct tape (mini roll)
  • Derailleur hanger and mounting bolts
  • Big backcountry epics are beyond the scope of this checklist, and you’ll want to be totally self-sufficient for those

Clothing and armour

Personal and safety stuff