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About Cobra

If you want to stay connected to your campmates on your next jaunt into the outdoors, bring along some Cobra walkie-talkies. They’ve got rugged weatherproof two-way radios for use on the trail, or less intensive options for when you just need to notify everyone at the campsite that dinner’s almost ready.

Big range in small packages

Cobra handheld devices are nice and compact, with a variety of ranges for different activities. Floating radios and walkie-talkies are great to have when you’re out canoe tripping, while a set of low to mid-range FRS communicators can be handy for a frontcountry outing or sightseeing day hike where cell service is in short supply. With options for multiple channels, power-saving modes and privacy codes, you’re bound to find a system that works for your chosen adventure.

Need some safety tips? Roger that

Cobra walkie-talkies are great for chatting with your friends, but make sure you’ve got a satellite communicator if you plan on a more intensive backcountry outing. Scroll through our article on how to stay safe when you’re hiking, or this guide on what to bring canoe or kayak touring to make sure you’ve got your bases covered. Do you copy?