Canoe or kayak touring checklist

Get ready for your paddling trip with this multi-day canoe tripping and kayak touring checklist.

When you’re packing, remember to take your portage plan into account. Lots of portages mean you’ll want to pack wisely, since all your gear has to move across land too. If you don’t have any portages, you can travel in a bit of luxury, as your boat acts a floating storage space.

Paddling lets you explore remote areas, so it’s important to be self-sufficient, aware of the weather and tides, and prepared for emergencies. All paddlers must carry mandatory safety items on canoes, kayaks and even stand-up paddleboards.

Boat-related gear

Safety essentials

Camping gear


Personal items and additions

Before you leave, remember to check weather forecasts, tell someone about your trip plans and when you expect to be back, and stash a copy of your trip plan in the car at the trailhead.