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    About Continental

    Continental was founded in 1871, making it one of the oldest tire manufacturers in existence. They are the only German tire manufacturer to produce solely in Germany. With over 150 years of production, Continental has been making high quality tires so you can move faster, farther, and smoother.

    Continental produces some of the industry’s best cycling tires, and tubes. A big part of Continentals mission is to produce high quality products to reduce waste, build trust with consumers and make their products as efficient as possible.

    Sustainability and Continental

    Sustainability is important to Continental, which they practice via a 100% commitment to:

    • Carbon neutrality
    • Emission free mobility
    • Closed resource and product cycles
    • Responsible supply chain sourcing

    Continental also has eight sustainability essentials:

    • Good working conditions
    • Green and safe factories
    • Innovations and digitalization
    • Benchmark in quality
    • Safe mobility
    • Long-term value creation
    • Sustainable management practice
    • Corporate citizenship

    The technology of Continental’s tires can be felt in their products, with Continental’s popular tires including the Gator Skin tire and the Grand Prix tire.

    If you need additional help picking the right tire or tube for your bike head over to your local MEC bike shop.