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About Crankbrothers

Carl Winefordner and Frank Hermansen founded Crankbrothers in 1997 in a Laguna beach garage.

The name Crankbrothers originates from their names Carl and Frank combined to make Crank. The first product they made together is the “Speed Lever” tire leaver, inspired by tools used to replace flats on a care tire. During Interbike (an international bike expo and largest bike tradeshow held in Las Vegas) the duo handed out 4000 “Speed Levers” and from that point on the Crankbrothers were in business.

The Crankbrothers continued to make products that they found fit in the cycling industry, including their famous mini pump called the “Power Pump” and their most iconic creation the “Egg beater pedal” a dual sided mountain bike pedal that can be used in challenging conditions.

To this day Crankbrothers continue to redesign the cycling industry with their innovative tools, footwear, and bike accessories.

Crankbrothers and community

Nothing is greater than community and Crankbrothers know the importance of what a positive impact can do to your life. In 2022 the Crankbrothers started the “Pump for Peace” initiative which helps bring the joys of cycling to the underprivileged parts of the world. Through donations and their own marketing campaign Crankbrothers helped bring the first pump track to Kathmandu, Nepal.