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Bike accessory essentials

Bike lights and bike reflectors

Next to the helmet, bike lights and bike reflectors are the most important accessory to own as a cyclist. Being able to see and be seen is needed on any terrain you are riding on. Additionally equipping your bike with a front and rear light is an effective way to practice bike safety.

Bottle cages and water bottles

Staying hydrated while riding is a must to keep yourself going. Storing a water bottle in your backpack could be difficult to reach while riding. That’s why installing a bottle cage or water bottle holder on your bike is important for efficiency and easy access.

Bike locks and bike safety

Bike theft is a common threat to cyclists. Make sure you have a quality lock that will protect you from losing your bike. Whether it’s a cable lock, chain lock or U-lock, your lock will act as a barrier between your bike and theft. When choosing a lock keep 3 things in mind: the portability, the cost, and your security needs. Check out our other bike safety essentials.

Bike computers

Keep getting lost on your rides back home? Need a speedometer to track your high speed? A bike computer can help you with both. Having a bike computer equipped on your bike enhances your riding experience and accessibility to data such as navigation and speed.


You can save yourself a world of mess when you equip your bike with a pair of fenders. Once you put fenders on your bike you build a splash proof barrier between yourself and whatever your tire rolls over.

Bike bells and horns

Being heard is as important as being seen. A bike bell or horn notifies drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists that you’re coming, which helps everyone stay alert and prevents accidents.

Bike mirrors

With a bike mirror checking your blind spot is a lot more efficient than traditionally looking over your shoulder. A bike mirror can be mounted on your helmet, handlebar, or handlebar-end.

Action cameras and accessories

If you want to start shooting your adventures or plan on becoming the next face of cycling, you’ll need the right tools and accessories. Check out our action cameras and accessories to take your studio to the outdoors.


Prevent your bike from getting scrapes and scratches with a kickstand. A kickstand can either be installed on your chain stay, or centre-mounted on your bottom bracket. Before buying a kickstand check if your bike is compatible.

Bike baskets

Make running errands fun by attaching a basket to your bike. Bike baskets help you carry your precious cargo whether it’s your groceries or food for a picnic. A basket can either be attached to a rear bike rack or the front handlebars. Ensure your bike is compatible with a basket before buying.