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About DPS Skis

In 2005, Stephan Drake and Peter Turner – both deeply passionate about skiing as a sport – got together with a simple goal. They wanted to make better skis by engineering the designs the most dedicated skiers wanted. With their headquarters at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, they’ve been making strides and innovating in the industry ever since. DPS Skis are sold on five continents and are the leading domestic producer of skis in the US.

Design, roots and engineering

The design philosophy behind DPS Skis is simple: they strive to weave together design, roots and engineering in their skis to ensure maximum functionality and a seamless experience for their users. Wherever your skiing passion lies, DPS Skis aims to satisfy it with their selection. They offer a range of downhill skis as well as backcountry skis so you can explore the full range of what the snow has to offer.

Reducing impact

With snow sports being so reliant on the health of our planet, DPS Skis is committed to doing their part. First and foremost, they focus on the durability of their products, ensuring you can use your skis through multiple seasons instead of needing to trash and replace them. They’ve also been moving towards reducing their carbon footprint in a variety of ways including the reduction of manufacturing waste, more sustainable packaging for their products and domestic manufacturing to reduce emissions from overseas travel.