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    About Glerups

    If you’ve ever wanted to scamper around your house in felted wool shoes (or slippers, or boots) like some kind of fairy tale creature, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1993, Glerups has been making soft, naturally antimicrobial woolen slippers for use indoors and out. If you’re looking for a new all-rounder camp shoe or a trusty at-home slipper, Glerups shoes will keep you comfy-cozy.

    Where passion is felt

    The story of Glerups begins all the way back in 1970, when a Danish woman named Nanny Glerup enrolls in a felting class and crafts a pair of boots for her husband, Ove. He wears them everywhere, which plants in Nanny’s mind the idea of making these shoes on a larger scale. Decades of product-innovating and responsible Gotland sheep-farming later, Glerups are gracing the feet of campers and comfort enthusiasts worldwide.

    Find your footing

    With that, it’s time to see what kind of Glerups shoes are best for you. Glerups slippers are easy to kick on and off, great for shuffling around the campsite half-asleep or bringing in groceries. Grab some Glerups shoes to get your heel in on the woolly fun, or boots for complete foot and ankle comfort — the choice is yours.

    Once you’ve found your perfect pair, get ready for a toasty slipper experience — no socks necessary (doesn’t hurt to pick up a pair or two, though).