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Fresh pair of shoes? Match ‘em with new socks for any activity.


Fresh pair of shoes? Match ‘em with new socks for any activity.

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Choosing the right socks

If you've ever had a blister on a long hike or wet socks in your ski boots, you'll know that having the right socks can make or break the occasion. Choosing the right socks is important to getting the most fun out of your outdoor activity, so consider some of these tips when choosing your next pair.

1. What activity are you doing?

Choose the right socks for the activity you'll be doing. Check out our ski socks, hiking socks, running socks and bike socks.

2. Materials

Choose wool or fleece socks for warmth, cotton for breathability and synthetic for moisture wicking properties.

3. Thickness

Thicker socks in cold weather will help to keep your feet warm, whereas thinner socks are better for warm weather. If you'll be doing an activity like skiing however, you want your socks to be thinner so they won't interfere with your responsiveness and boot fit.

4. Sock length

Choose the right length based on your needs. Generally you want your socks to be longer than your boots, especially for activities like hiking and skiing.

5. Cushioning

Think about the cushioning when buying socks. For activities like hiking, the right amount of cushioning can help to alleviate blisters.

6. Moisture management

Moisture wicking or waterproof socks can help to keep your feet dry if you think there's a chance you'll get your feet wet.