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About Goodr

Goodr thinks that sunglasses should be fun, functional and fashionable. Originally designed for running, Goodr creates sunnies for snow sports, cycling, running and just about anything you’ll need sunglasses for.

Goodr is known for their unique and funny names for their products. If you’re curious, each name has an origin story with some dating back to the 70’s.

Simple and chic sunglasses

The classic Goodr OGs are an average size that fits most faces and comes in some fun colours for everyone’s unique style.

If you prefer a bigger size in your sunglasses, Goodr BFGs offer more coverage and protection in the same classic style. They’re perfect if you find the OGs a bit small or if you prefer an oversized look.

The Goodr Circle Gs are Goodr’s break out from the classic style. They’re lightweight with a round lens for those looking to try out a new look.

All Goodr’s have a grippy coating, so they don’t slip while you’re sweating and stay put when you’re bounding down the trail or riding over hills. And to top it off, Goodr’s are polarized to stop glare when you’re by water, snow and pavement.

Doing Goodr for the planet

Goodr works diligently to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the planet we call home.

By adjusting their packing, shipping and delivery methods, Goodr has reached 100% carbon neutrality. Goodr also reduces their waste by upcycling and recycling whenever possible and joining 1% for the planet.