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How to choose sunglasses

Whether you’re choosing sunglasses for kayaking, running, cycling or for daily errands, there are a few things to consider like coverage, size, and extra features.

Sport sunglasses are geared towards performance and speed. They’re made to stay out of the way and not hinder your performance. Look for styles with fog-resistant lenses and anti-slip nose pads for sweaty and bumpy conditions.

Casual sunglasses are all about style yet still boast sun protection. Look for features like scratch-resistant lenses and polarization to cut glare and reflections on water, snow or pavement.

Other features to consider include how much coverage you’d like on the sides, lense colour and if you’re looking for some fun interchangeable lenses.

With their durable yet light construction, sunglasses from brands like Ryders Eyewear, MEC, Suncloud, and Sunski are going to keep that pesky sun out of your eyes and keep you comfortable. Don’t forget to add on a strap, cleaning cloth and a case for your new shades to keep them in tip top shape.