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About Hoka One One

Hoka makes shoes for runners, whether you're training for your next ultra or hitting the treadmill at lunch.

Hoka running shoes are known for being ridiculously cushioned yet lightweight, thanks to a massive midsole, wide toe box, and Meta-rocker technology that rounds the sole and syncs with your stride. Hoka's Active Foot Frame cradles your foot and keeps your heel locked in place. The extra stability, generous shock absorption and good traction keep you steady as you log miles on roads and trails. Hoka hiking shoes offer extra ankle support for cross-training day hikes. Luxuriously cushy recovery sandals pamper tired feet on rest days or after a long race.

Hoka was founded in 2009 by two former Salomon employees who wanted to make a high-performance running shoe that mimicked the feeling of skiing powder. The name is a Maori-derived phrase that roughly translates to "fly over the earth." Minimalist shoes were all the rage at the time, and these ultra-cushioned runners disrupted the market with their focus on maximum comfort.

The company champions social causes through programs like Back on My Feet, which provides community support through running for unhoused humans, and Run 4 All Women.