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About Midnight Lightning

It’s climb time, and Midnight Lightning makes liquid, powder and chunky chalk so you’re all set to face any problem the wall might throw at you. Based in Squamish, BC, Midnight Lightning is a chalk brand that’s new on the scene, but every bit as committed to giving you the best grip possible. So toss a chalktopus in your chalk bag, grab your bouldering brush and get ready for Midnight Lightning 101 (note-taking optional).

Get grippy with it

Midnight Lightning’s claim to fame is their non-mined, seawater sourced magnesium carbonate climbing chalk. A great option for the eco-conscious climber, Midnight Lightning chalk is made using natural solar evaporation and sold in fully recyclable, plant-based packaging. They’ve also figured out a refillable liquid chalk solution, so your Midnight Lightning chalk bottle spends its lifetime keeping you company in the gym instead of hanging around the landfill.

Seawater sending

Now that you’ve got your chalk of choice, check out our rock climbing and bouldering tips to brush up (get it?) on your sending skills. We’ve got the lowdown on rock climbing gear, a handy climbing checklist to consult before you leave the house and even a guide to climbing grade conversions for the climber looking for a little extra guidance.