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Rock climbing checklist

Nothing cuts a day at the crag short like showing up without your rock shoes. Use this list to get organized, so you can be ready to go whenever the rock is dry enough to climb. You may not need everything on it, depending on your plan for the day. But it’s also possible you may need more depending on the season, location, length and remoteness of your objective.

Climbing gear

The amount and type of climbing equipment and hardware you pack along will be different for sport climbing than for a trad climbing mission.

If you’re trad climbing, you’ll also need:

“Bring a foldable foam sleeping pad to the crag. It can be as a staging area to sort out gear, keep your rope off the ground, and act as a pretty comfy lounge area between pitches.” – MEC staffer Christina D.

Other essentials

Review the 10 essentials list to make sure you’re covered in case of an emergency, and adjust your clothing to match the conditions (remember that weather can change quickly in the mountains).

“To add an extra 2 months of outdoor climbing to your summer, keep hand warmers in your chalk bag and warm up your shoes in your jacket on cold days.” – MEC staffer Steve I.