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About Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival was founded in 1967 by Irv Davies. Their goal from the start was to push the limits of possibility in marine safety so that more people could experience life on the water and feel safe doing so. Throughout their history, they’ve designed gear working with clients including NASA, the Coast Guard and even professional athletes. Their recreational selection lives up to the same standards of professional quality, so you can be secure when it’s time to hit the water.

Life beyond the land

Whether you’re getting ready for a weekend at the lake or a saltwater expedition, Mustang Survival’s selection of marine safety gear is a great place to start your prep. For any water activity, it’s important to be ready for the possibility of ending up in the water, and a Mustang Survival PFD will help keep you afloat if it happens. For added security, their PFD accessories offer protection against other situations as well as allowing you to extend the life of your PFD.

If you’re looking for protection from the elements, Mustang Survival has some great options. For touring paddlers who want to stay dry and comfortable, paddling bottoms are what you’re looking for to get you through the day. And for more serious coverage when protection is your top priority, check out Mustang Survival’s full dry suits to keep a solid layer between your skin and the outside world.