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About Squirt

In 2005, a group of friends from South Africa set out to create an alternative to oil-based chain lubricants, which cause a lot of buildup and create a mess for your drivetrain.

They produced a wax-based lubricant called Squirt that is 100% biodegradable, contains no organic or harmful solvents and keeps the chain clean under both the wettest and driest conditions. In less than 2 years Squirt lube became the market-leading chain lubricant in South Africa.

Squirt lubricant is a wax in water emulsion, the first of a new concept in chain lubricants. Squirt continues to expand their brand and look for more ways to improve and create high quality environmentally friendly cycling products, including:

  • Low-temperature chain lube
  • Bio-bike - a degradable bike wash
  • Seal puncture sealant
  • Barrier balm to help chafing while riding

Practicing proper maintenance on your bike is made easy with any squirt cycling product, if you want to know how to use their products effectively check out these articles on how to clean your chain and how to wash your bike.