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    About Volkl

    Volkl began as a family business in Staubing, Germany. For years, they produced wagons, sleds and boats, and in 1923, they expanded their selection to include skis. This decision would prove to be the thing that put them on the map. The years that followed saw Volkl continuing to expand, and in the 1950s, they made their first of what would be several industry-leading innovations in ski construction and technology. This led Volkl to international recognition, and today, they continue to be trusted as a top ski manufacturer, constantly innovating and improving their designs.

    Precision performance

    Volkl skis offer innovative design to help you get the most out of every ride while offering the same high quality of manufacturing that they were known for a century ago. They aim to offer you the most technologically advanced skis on the market, no matter what kind of skiing you do or at what level. When you’re gearing up to hit the slopes, Volkl’s selection of downhill skis will keep you gliding with confidence. For backcountry terrain, check out Volkl’s backcountry skis for some great options. Keep an eye out for award-winning models throughout their selection!