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About Zotefoams

Zotefoams makes soft, flexible and durable foam pads that you can use in a multitude of backcountry setups. From sleeping pads to sit-upons, Zotefoams foam pads are a valuable piece of kit in any camping setup of the more minimalist persuasion. Here, you can learn the difference between Evazote® and the regular blue stuff to make the best choice for your next excursion.

Welcome to the foam Thunderdome

A blue foam Zotefoams pad is a great tool for the job. Its 9% EVA content makes it a durable, flexible option, and it provides decent insulation for camping in the warmer months. Evazote, on the other hand, brings 18 percent EVA content and with it an increased level of hardiness. Evazote pads are blown with nitrogen for enhanced durability, they’re abrasion and UV resistant, and they stay flexy all the way down to -70 degrees Celsius. Talk about rugged.

Gain some sleeping pad proficiency

Still not sure which sleeping pad best suits your needs? Our guide to choosing a sleeping pad is filled with expert tips to keep you cozy. Once you’ve decided on the best Zotefoams pad for you, outfit the rest of your outdoor abode with some camp furniture and kick your feet up. You’ve earned the rest.