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Chamois Butt'r

About Chamois Butt’r

If you’re a cyclist, distance runner or triathlete looking to save your butt (literally) from saddle sores and uncomfortable chafing, Chamois Butt’r is here for you. Chamois Butt’r makes anti-chafe creams you can apply directly to problem areas or onto the pad of your cycling shorts for a chafeless ride.

Goodbye rider’s rash

With products made free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, and artificial colours and fragrances, the goal of USA-based Chamois Butt’r is to maximize comfort and enjoyment in outdoor activities while minimizing their environmental impact. Here are some sustainability initiatives Chamois Butt’r is taking on:

  • A facility outfitted with solar panels and LED lighting, as well as a commitment to reduced paper usage in the office
  • Recyclable packaging for all products, as well as recycling all paper, plastic and metal used during operations
  • Adopting Sustainable Forest Initiatives for corrugated materials

Products for sensitive skin

Using soothing ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice and corn oil, Chamois Butt’r anti-chafe creams are a great neutral option for runners and riders with sensitive skin. With a water-soluble formula that won’t stain your favourite shorts, it might end up a staple in your riding toolkit.