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About SOLE

SOLE was founded in Canada back in 2001 with a goal in mind - make a positive impact in people's lives. Whether it’s daily walking or climbing Mount Everest they put the focus on improving your health and wellness. SOLE products are designed in Vancouver BC with inspiration from the local nature and humans.

Cushion every step

Take some strain off your soles and let SOLE footbeds do the work with heat/wear moldable designs that give you custom comfort at an affordable cost.

SOLE active thin footbeds are ideal for shoes with thin or no factory insoles. Think cycling shoes, ski boots and thin running shoes.

If your shoes have standard factory insoles, SOLE active medium footbeds support your running shoes, tennis shoes or sneakers best.

For heavy duty footwear with thick factory insoles or a pair of hiking boots with a wider shape and wiggle room, SOLE active thick footbeds are the ideal thickness to add support and fill in the gaps.

Replenishable and sustainable

SOLE footbeds are sustainable at their core (or should I say cork). Footbeds are typically made from fossil fuel foams, but SOLE makes their footbeds from cork, a replenishable material that literally grows on trees.

Corks natural elasticity absorbs shock, wicks moisture and reduces odour, making it ideal for living in your shoes all day.

SOLE doesn’t just use cork though, they use repurposed cork from wine bottles, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.