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Offering warm winter clothes and cross-country equipment, Swix has been designing quality products for decades to help you experience (and enjoy) the great outdoors.

About SWIX

SWIX was born when the company began selling a small range of ski waxes in 1948 in Norway. SWIX knew there was no point in coming up with a universal ski wax because all snow types and conditions are different. So, they developed the first range of waxes adapted for different conditions, each with their own color to tell the difference between them.

From a small company selling in just Norway to a world-leading brand, SWIX offers ski care products that both pro and casual skiers swear by.

Keep your skis spick and span

SWIX ski waxes started it all, but SWIX has since expanded to carry a range of products that keep your skis in tip-top shape, like SWIX ski base cleaners and SWIX ski wax stands and tables.

Once you’ve picked up your ski wax, head over to our article on how to wax skis and snowboards to nail the technique and be slope-ready in no time.

Maintaining snow playgrounds for future generations

SWIX products help you get out in nature and SWIX feels a responsibility to protect these spaces for future generations of snow sports enthusiasts. SWIX promotes maintaining your skis for as long as you can to reduce waste and offers guides to properly care for them. SWIX has also stopped manufacturing fluorine-containing products.