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Ski wax and skins

Pamper your skis with ski wax and skins

If you want to break out your ski wax stand and try waxing your skis yourself or you’re looking for a new ski wax to try, the best ski wax for your skis depends on a few things like temperature, skiing style and snow conditions.

  • Temperature: Ski waxes are designed with the temperature of the snow in mind, so think about the conditions you ski in the most and pick a wax that matches up with the temperature of the snow.

  • Skiing style and wax type: For the casual skier, hydrocarbon waxes are affordable and get the job done, but if you're trying to maximize speed and glide then fluorocarbon waxes enhance performance and durability.

  • Hard wax vs soft wax: For icy snow, hard waxes perform better but if the snow is slushy and wet, pick up a soft wax.

  • Application: If you prefer an easy-to-apply wax then a rub-on wax is ideal, but if you don’t mind a bit of hard work and time spent then hot waxes will reward you with better performance after applying it to your skis with a waxing iron.

Trial and error are the key with ski waxes, don’t be afraid to try out different waxes until you find the one that works for you. Check out waxes from brands like Kuu, Swix and Mountainflow.