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Camp drinks to keep you happy and hydrated

Water is great by itself, but given the option, why not make it serve you a little better? Camping drinks offer a variety of easy to pack choices that’ll let you turn your water into something tastier or more nutritious.

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are great options for starting or ending your day. With just a coffee maker or kettle to prepare some hot water, you’ll be set to make yourself a hot drink to wake up in the morning or wind down before bed. Don’t forget a snack to go along with it!

For high intensity days when your body needs replenishing, check out energy and recovery drinks. Drink mixes mean you can bring them on the go and take your water bottle to the next level. If you’ve got dietary preferences, keep an eye out for soy free, gluten free, vegan and more options that’ll suit your needs. And don’t forget the flavours – everything from fruity blends to rich chocolate is available, so pick your favourite or try something new.