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Get cooking with camping stoves, fuel, and fire starters

After a long day of outdoor activity, a camper’s gotta eat. And when you’re putting some instant coffee on or whipping up some tasty, dehydrated pad thai to scarf down with your campmates, a camp stove will have you in chef mode in no time.

For starters, it’s important to think about how heavy a stove you’re willing to lug out with you. Are you going car camping or backpacking? If it’s the former, you can probably anticipate an experience like home cooking (with the addition of a few more bugs.) A two-burner car camping stove will run on propane canisters and give you ample cook space to work from.

If you’ll be in the backcountry, you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from — canister stoves, liquid fuel and white gas stoves, or wood and other solid fuel stoves. They’ve all got their pros and cons, so tailor your chosen stove to your specific needs. Fire starters and compatible fuel sources are just as important to have when you’re backpacking, so make sure to check them off the list when assembling your kit.

If you need some more specific info to narrow down your options, navigate over to our guide on how to choose a camping stove. Otherwise you’re ready to put your apron on and fire up some gourmet camp creations.