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Water bottles and travel mugs

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Get your sips in

On days when you’re busy running around (whether that means doing your errands or finishing a 10K), don’t forget your water bottle or travel mug when you’re heading out the door. Here you’ll find water bottles for easy-access sport drink chugging and travel mugs to keep your coffee piping hot.

Gear for glugging

A water bottle is essential for outdoorsy folk everywhere, so you might as well have a good one. Grab a plastic Nalgene for a classic option if you want to carry lots of water with minimal heft. For easy sipping or spraying, check out sport water bottles from brands like Polar Bottle and CamelBak. Don’t forget to plaster them with stickers to let everybody know which provincial parks you’re a sucker for.

Travel mugs to keep in the heat

At the campsite, on the trail and even at the office, an insulated travel mug will keep your drinks toasty and save them from going tepid on you. Travel mugs from brands like Yeti and Hydro Flask have a double-walled construction that reduces both heat loss and sweating on the outside of the mug. Whip up a tasty mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and bask in that first-sip bliss.