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Water filters and treatment

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Water filters and treatment for clean hydration anywhere

Taking a water filter or purifying tablets with you on any trip is never a bad idea. Even water that looks clear and fresh may be harboring bacteria that has your trip ending earlier than expected.

If you’re looking for the lightest and most affordable option to pack in your carry-on, water treatment tablets are it. Using a chlorine or iodine-based solution, they take about 30 minutes to make your water bacteria-free.

Water filters can be more costly but are a great choice in the long run if you’re a backcountry camper or camping with a couple (or more) friends.

Filters that use a pump system effectively remove dirt and bacteria but require a bit of energy from the person pumping. If the whole camping squad needs water or you’re setting up for a big camping cook-a-thon, gravity system water filters do the work for you – so you can spend more time chatting around the campfire. Simply filling up the water reservoir and letting gravity push the water down as it filters is all it takes. Bottle and straw filters are ideal for the individual. A short day-hike that needs an impromptu refill on the trail or a quick sip from a stream are the perfect sitch for these devices.

If you want to be extra safe, pick up a camping stove and boil your water before or after filtering to ensure your water is bacteria and virus-free.

Check out our article about water treatment, filters and purifiers for an in-depth look at how each of these filtration methods work to keep your water clean.