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Bivy sacks and bivy bags

Bivy sacks have your back

Camp light with a lightweight and compact bivy sack. Whether you are hiking the Bruce Trail, bikepacking across cities or portaging through Algonquin park, having a bivy sack makes transporting your shelter much easier due to their versatile and efficient design.

Bivy sacks are easier to set up than traditional camping tents, the only thing you must do is find a flat spot on the ground and before you know it you’re sleeping under the stars. Even though bivy sacks are lightweight and compact they are still equipped with protective layers that are usually waterproof and breathable to protect you from the unpredictable elements of the outdoors such as rain, critters, snow and heavy winds.

Since bivy sacks are very compact, they provide heat retention better than a larger tent due to the fact that they have less space to warm up. Being in a confined space helps trap your body heat and keep you warm on chilly nights.