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Headlamp and flashlight accessories

Headlamp and flashlight accessories for extra guidance in the dark

When you’re gearing up for nights on the trail, it’s vital to make sure you’ll be able to see where you’re going. Once you’ve got your headlamp or flashlight ready to go, pack up the headlamp and flashlight accessories that’ll keep you prepared the whole time.

The first thing to worry about with any headlamp or flashlight? Battery life. Plenty of them will get you through dozens of hours without issue, but when the battery starts to run low, you don’t want to be caught in the dark. Make sure you know what kinds of batteries your light needs. Lots of flashlights use the kinds of batteries you can find anywhere, like AA or AAA, but headlamps might require specialized options, so take a look and be prepared.

When you’re not using your light, having somewhere to store it can protect it from the elements and any accidents. Holsters or cases for your headlamp or flashlight as a great option so they don’t get lost in your pack.

A headlamp won’t do you any good if the strap doesn’t fit. If yours is stretched out or damaged, pick up a replacement to keep your headlamp functioning (and more importantly, attached to your head).