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Headlamps and lighting

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Light up the night with headlights, lanterns and flashlights

Having a lighting device to light up your campsite or the trail ahead keeps you moving even after the sun sets. Specs like mobility and lumens are all up for your consideration!


Whether you’re hiking or trail running, headlamps offer hands-free lighting that moves with you. Lumens (a.k.a how bright your lighting device will be) range from a low 25 up to a hefty 1000 in headlamps. Check out our article on how to choose a headlamp. It covers all the basics from lumens to waterproofing.


If you’re looking to add some glow to your campsite or tent, lanterns can be placed anywhere for a bright light to pack up your sleeping bag or cook up a camping meal.

Solar-powered lanterns recharge out on the sunny trail for ambient lighting that lasts all night.

Prefer to use a traditional flame? Candle lanterns can be equipped with citronella candles to keep your space bug-free.


A flashlight is a great companion for your headlamp and can add an extra viewpoint of light in the trickiest of nighttime situations.

Features like pocket clips and keychain flashlights make it easy to pop one on your hiking setup for impromptu cave exploring or searching for your water bottle in the middle of the night.