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Hiking shoe accessories to keep you prepared

When your hiking shoes need something extra to get you through the hike, pick up the hiking shoe accessories that’ll round out your kit.

Traction devices are for those icy days when you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground. From lightweight options designed to strap onto your favourite running shoes to heavy duty ice cleats that’ll dig straight in, they’re a great way to move with confidence in the winter.

Insoles slip into your shoes or boots to add arch support, cushioning and odour protection. In addition to providing a more customized fit to your favourite footwear, insoles can reduce strain and fatigue on your feet, ankles, knees and back as you move.

Gaiters strap onto your hiking shoes when you’re headed into thick bush or messy terrain. Protecting the parts of your shoe where mud, dirt and debris might try to creep inside, they’re great for keeping your lower legs and feet clean and dry.

Finally, you won’t get far if your shoe or boot laces are falling apart. Whether you’re looking for a replacement pair for an old favourite set of boots or to switch up to something different, make sure you’re ready to crank those hikers down tight for your next trip.