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Liner socks

Liner socks to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free

Nothing ruins a good hike like getting blisters on your feet. Even the most comfortable hiking boots can create areas of high friction, so what’s the solution? Don’t worry, it’s a simple one: a pair of liner socks to protect your feet on those long hikes.

Liner socks work in a straightforward way. They’re a thin, light sock (often a toe sock) that you wear underneath a thicker outer sock (like your favourite pair of hiking socks). This extra layer means that any friction that comes from walking happens between the two sock layers – not between the sock and your skin. The toe socks even protect your toes from creating friction against each other. It’s a simple solution, but an extremely effective one that can make a big difference in your feet staying comfortable.

You can buy liner socks in a pack that includes a thicker outer sock to wear, or you can buy them alone to layer under a pair of hiking socks of your choice. We recommend a Merino wool top layer – they’re great for moisture and temperature regulation, so they pair well with liner socks.