Sleeping pads and mats

Looking for a sleeping pad?

When it comes to sleeping under the stars, a good sleeping bag will only take you so far. To keep cold from creeping in, you’re going to want a sleeping pad for a little elevation off the ground (and a good amount of cushion). You can even grab a double sleeping pad for when you want to huddle together.

Foam, self-inflating or insulated options

The most affordable option? A no-fuss foam sleeping pad. Minimalist and rugged – just lay it flat and your camp bed is made. They’re not super cushy, but you can also use them as extra line of defense under another mat in cold temps.

A self-inflating sleeping pad gives you more cushion. When you open the valve, air rushes in, and fills the spaces in the foam to inflate the pad (you can give it a few extra breaths too). Minimum effort, easily packable.

Inflatable insulated pads pack down small and blow up big. They’re typically designed with one-way air flow so no breath (or pump) goes wasted. The effort involved in setup is worth the extra padding, and insulation boosts the warmth level too.

What to look for in a sleeping pad or mat

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