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Wash, repair and maintenance

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    Wash, repair and maintenance supplies to keep your gear in working condition

    The number one rule of any piece of gear? It’ll last a whole lot longer if you take good care of it. Tents and other camping equipment are no exception. Wash, repair and maintenance supplies are a step towards being prepared and ensuring your gear lasts as long as possible – and that if it gets damaged, you’re ready to fix it.

    Buckles and accessories are the place to look when the smallest pieces of your gear need replacing. You can keep spares on hand to be ready in a pinch or just pick up the ones you need when you need them to keep everything functioning as it should.

    Cleaners and waterproofers are great options for preventative maintenance. Keeping gear like your tent clean is an important part of taking care of it. Waterproofers help extend the life of your gear when a built-in durable water repellant coating has begun to wear out.

    For all-around maintenance and preparedness, check out tape, needles and thread. In a pinch and need to do a quick repair? These are the staples that’ll get you through and keep things working until you’ve got more specific supplies on hand.

    Finally, sleeping pad repair kits are great both to extend the life of your sleeping pad and to deal with any damage that happens in the field. A repair kit can be the difference between continuing to use your pad or sleeping on the cold ground for the rest of your trip.