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Reach what’s out of eyeshot with binoculars

Whether you’re a bird watcher or want to view the world around you closer, binoculars let us see what our eyes aren’t naturally cut out for.

The magnification number on a pair of binoculars lets you know the magnification power and the objective lens diameter (hint: this number is in the format 10x25). The objective lens diameter gives you an idea of how big the binoculars are and how much light they take in to let you see farther and crisper.

If your binoculars are joining you out on the water, water-resistant binoculars can take some splashes or a light rain but don’t dunk them. Waterproof binoculars withstand a dip in the lake but be careful – they won’t last long while fully submerged and can’t float.

Pack lighter with monoculars

Monoculars magnify with a single lens, making them lightweight and compact. Pop one in your pocket, backpack or hang it around your neck for hiking or climbing without weighing you down. Ergonomic designs make for comfy one-handed viewing mid-climb or while holding a paddle.

Be ready for the unexpected

Choose a binocular or monocular with a durable rubber coating for grip in slippery conditions and fending off bumps and scratches.

Binocular harnesses and binocular tripods have your binoculars at the ready for unexpected birds and wildlife.