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Journals and writing materials for taking notes anywhere you go

Jotting down ideas for your novel, making notes on local wildlife or even sketching – there are all kinds of reasons to keep a notebook handy while you’re camping. There are plenty of options out there for a journal that’ll fit in your waist pack, but why not pick one that’s specialized for the outdoors?

When you’re looking for a journal to bring camping with you, there are a few features you can bear in mind to help make your choice. The size is the first and easiest. Options range from flipbooks that’ll slip into your back pocket to full-sized spiral notebooks for when you need a little more acreage. And when it comes to journals meant to be taken outdoors, there’s one major thing to look for: waterproofing. Paper that won’t stick together or fall to pieces under a little rain will ensure you’re ready to take notes no matter the conditions.

While you’re looking for journals, don’t forget to pick up a pen to match. Similar to the notebooks designed for the outdoors, keep an eye out for pens that’ll work in a variety of conditions: rain, dirt, heat, cold and more.