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    Trekking poles to take you there

    Trekking poles (sometimes called hiking poles or hiking staffs) can help you hike longer and more comfortably, whether you’re on a favourite local trail or heading out on the West Coast Trail. They help you balance across tricky terrain, ease the impact of hiking downhill, and can even work as a way to pitch a shelter. Find out more about how to choose trekking poles and hiking poles for expert advice.

    Finding your balance

    Trekking poles provides extra points of contact with the ground, so you can feel more stable as you move through the trails. You’ll also experience less fatigue, since you can use more of your upper body to push you along.

    MEC has lots of options to choose from, including poles from Black Diamond and Komperdell. Some have handy features like shock absorption, wrist straps, and folding or telescoping systems to save space. When you buy your poles, look into extra trekking pole baskets, tips and other parts to prep for the inevitable wear and tear.

    Build your hiking kit

    Trekking poles are always a smart addition to your hiking checklist, but don’t forget the basics like hiking footwear and moisture-wicking clothing. Ready to hit the trail? Double-check that you have everything you need, including the 10 essentials, with our hiking checklists.