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Carabiners and draws

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Carabiners and quickdraws for clipping in, placing gear and sending lines

Carabiners, combined with an appropriate length of climbing rope, are the bread and butter of most any climber’s kit, whether you’re sport climbing, trad and aid climbing or alpine climbing and mountaineering. They’re a super important tool for climbing and belaying safely, and there are a few different kinds of carabiners that serve different purposes.

Locking (or “screwgate”) carabiners are used for things like top-rope anchors or attaching a belay device to a harness. Their locking mechanism provides extra security when used in tandem with other life-saving gear. On the other hand, non-locking carabiners such as straight gate or bent gate carabiners are used in quickdraws, slings and for clipping into protection like bolts.

The type of carabiner you should go with is based on a few things, including what you intend to use it for, whether it’s compatible with the other gear in your kit and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure to read up on the instructions that come with your chosen carabiners and look up classes at your local climbing gym if you’re just getting started. Otherwise, look at some popular biners from brands like Petzl, Black Diamond and Edelrid to round out your kit and start sending.