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Stomp your way to the summit

If you’re a mountaineering mega-enthusiast, you’ll know that crampons and ice axes are a mountaineer’s most essential tools. But to make effective use of those crampons, you’ll want a sturdy, supportive pair of crampon-compatible mountaineering boots. Read on to get an idea of the features that set mountaineering boots apart from hiking boots and learn how to assemble your mountaineering gear kit.

Climb every mountain

Made to help you scale frigid peaks, mountaineering boots will be stiffer and more highly insulated than a pair of all-around hiking boots. This stiffness in the sole is what lets your crampons attach and stay attached throughout the whole journey.

Some mountaineering boots also come equipped with removable inner boot liners or outer gaiters — the more layers included, the more ideal for extreme cold weather conditions. When you’re choosing mountaineering boots, we recommend considering things like expected temperature conditions, boot heft, and how versatile you’d like your boots to be.

Get into the mountaineering mindset

Time to break in your boots and set off for the mountaintop. Take a look at our winter camping gear checklist to ensure you’ve got everything you need, and stay vigilant with our avalanche safety gear and training guide. But if you’re just getting into the sport, remember — none of this advice is a substitute for in-person training with a certified guide or instructor.