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Crampons and accessories for confidence on icy ground

Getting ready for some serious mountaineering? Gear up with the crampons and accessories that’ll get you safely where you need to go and prepare you for any surprises along the way.

Crampons come in a variety of styles to suit different activities. The material, binding type and number of points on your crampons will all affect how they perform and which conditions they’re best suited for. The number of points is the big one when determining what’s appropriate for your trip, so pay attention when you’re shopping. More points mean a more serious grip for more technical climbs.

When you’ve got the right crampons for the job, the right accessories add that extra bit of convenience when you’re looking to plan a trip. Crampon accessories range from carrying bags and replacement parts to snow shields and crampon crowns. Trust us – the little things go a long way.