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Chalk bags contain the chalk you need to climb routes with the best grip possible, and are one of the essential items for climbing.

Chalk bags come in various styles and sizes, ranging from small bags that can fasten around your waist like a belt, to buckets. In general, smaller bags that fasten around the waist are used for sport climbing, or climbing with ropes so climbers can chalk their hands mid-route. Bucket chalk bags are usually the favourite among boulderers, who don’t need to bring their chalk bag up a problem.

Small chalk bags feature a stiffened rim to keep the bag open and a cord and toggle to prevent chalk spillage, a bag belt for waist placement, and a zippered pocket for storing small items like keys and your gym tag.

Chalk buckets usually feature a Velcro closure, a loop for a small, personal brush and a big zippered compartment for storing larger items like your phone and snacks.

If you need assistance in determining the right size and style of chalk bag for you, consult a MEC advisor over the phone or in-store.