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Clip in and stay secure on the wall

If you’re climbing anything taller than a bouldering route, you’ll need a length of trusty climbing rope. Between dynamic climbing ropes, static hauling ropes and slings for setting up anchors or customizing quickdraws, we’ll give you the lowdown so you can climb with confidence.

Ropes for sending lines or hauling gear

For climbing, use dynamic ropes. It’s a durable kind of rope with a braided sheath that protects an inner core. These ropes are made to stretch, so they won’t break when they’re loaded with shock. You can use a single rope for most of your climbing but might consider a dual-rope system for longer routes.

Static ropes and cords, on the other hand, you should use for hauls or rescues where there’s no chance of a fall that would load the rope with shock. They don’t have a lot of give, so make sure you’re climbing with the right ropes.

Webbing and slings

Slings and webbing are great, versatile tools to have in any trad rack or aid climbing kit. You can use slings to create or extend quickdraws, set up anchor systems or carry gear, while you might use webbing to build and customize anchors and slings. It never hurts to have options.

Climbing rope TLC

Take care of your ropes and they’ll take care of you. For more info on ropes and rope care specifically, look through our guide on how to choose and care for a climbing rope. You can also check out our other rock climbing and bouldering tips, and look for classes at your local bouldering gym if you’re just getting started.