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Boxers and briefs for outdoor retreats

Finding a go-to style of briefs or boxers can be a task all on its own, but we’ve made it simple. Here you’ll find all manner of briefs and boxers in one place so you can compare and contrast to your heart’s content. Choose a few snazzily patterned options from the outdoor brands you love, and you’re well on your way to locking in the perfect daily underwear rotation (if you’re enthusiastic about that sort of thing).

We’ll keep this brief

You probably knew this already, but it bears repeating — not all underwear is made equal. That’s why it pays to have a few different varieties made for the activities you’ll be doing. Check out this article on the benefits of wool clothing for the outdoors if you need something long-wearing for your next thru-hike, or snag a few pairs from SAXX or BN3TH for everyday and high-performance options. If you invest in a little variety, you can rest assured you’ve got a pair for every purpose.

Get your kit on in more ways than one

Prepping for some outdoor adventures? It’d make sense, given that you’re here. And now that you’ve got underwear out of the way, you can fill up the rest of your backpacking pack with the gear in our hiking checklist.