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Protective face masks

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    Personal protective face masks to keep yourself and others safe

    In a crowded space or a situation that calls for social distancing, a personal protective face mask can help keep you and the people around you safe. They’re a great option if you’ve got a cold and want to keep your germs to yourself, so consider grabbing one to keep on hand when you need it.

    For a heavy-duty option, check out personal protective face masks with built-in filters. They can help you breathe easier in polluted environments, protecting your lungs from irritants like smoke or exhaust.

    Lighter options for personal protective face masks include CDC-approved layered masks. Designed to cover your chin, mouth and nose, they can help prevent the spread of droplets. Some also offer filter layers that can be changed out to keep things fresh. Keep an eye out for options with adjustable straps to find a comfortable fit. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer and soap to keep things clean.

    For more casual coverage, check out options like neck gaiters and scarves. They’ll keep your neck warm on cool days and work great in a pinch to pull up and cover your mouth and nose if you find yourself in a crowded situation.