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Backpacking sleeping bags

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    Backpacking sleeping bags for on-the-go beauty sleep

    You’ve finished a long day of trekking through the backcountry. Taking in the sights, snacking on meal pouches, lugging all your worldly possessions around in your pack. But when it comes time to rest your head, how do you choose the right sleeping bag? Follow these tips, and you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug. (In a backpacking tent to keep the actual bugs out, hopefully.)

    When picking out a sleeping bag, your first consideration should be finding a bag made for the temperatures you’re expecting during your trip. Beyond things like gender, size, and overall fit, there are some other features you might want in a sleeping bag. To keep important things close after nightfall (like contact lenses or a flashlight), consider a sleeping bag with internal pockets. And if you prefer a minimalist approach when venturing out, an ultralight backpacking sleeping bag shaves off grams without compromising on comfort.

    If you’re still a little iffy on which sleeping bag is right for you, no worries — take a quick scroll through our guide on how to choose your sleeping bag. Finally, make sure you’ve got a good sleeping pad to maximize coziness, and get to catching those Zs.