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Ultralight sleeping bags for bagging peaks and catching Zs

If your goal is to pare down unnecessary heft for your next jaunt into the backcountry, an ultralight sleeping bag is a great place to start.

It’s tempting to try to imitate the cushiness of home when you’re outdoors, but all those extra pounds can add up when you’re carrying them on your back. Keeping a light pack means you’ll be quicker and more agile on your feet, saving precious trekking time that you can use to explore other paths, take in the sights, or squeeze in a little extra R&R.

Ultralight sleeping bags are usually made from high tech, super compressible materials that reduce overall weight without sacrificing comfort. You’ve got options for down or synthetic fill, both of which take up a fraction of the pack space you’d devote to a regular sleeping bag. For a sustainably made ultralight sleeping bag, we recommend options that use recycled materials and certified responsible down.

If you’re thinking of going all-in on the ultralight lifestyle (or just want advice on shaving a couple extra grams from your kit), take a look at our ultralight backpacking tips. And for more options for ultralight gear, consider an ultralight shelter or backpack to really cut down on pounds.