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Derailleur hangers, pulley wheels and parts

Derailleur hangers, pulley wheels and bike parts to keep your bike functioning

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most, and your bike is no exception. You want to keep your bike at peak performance for as long as possible, and having a few spare parts on hand can make a big difference.

A derailleur hanger is an easy part to replace if you break the one you have. Don’t freak out if this happens – that just means it’s doing its job and protecting more expensive parts. Make sure you know what kind of bike you have when you go looking for a replacement. Derailleur hangers are specific to brands and models, and you want to make sure the new one fits. If you need some guidance, visit or call up your local MEC to chat with one of our knowledgeable staffers.

Besides your hangers, keep an eye out for other spare pulleys and parts that’ll keep you prepared if something stops functioning the way it should. Take a look at our selection of bike maintenance tools and kits to find the gear you need to take care of your bike over time. And don’t forget the preventative maintenance that’ll help your components last longer – check out our article on how to clean and lube a bike chain to get the most out of your bike.